23rd Apr 2020


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Music Biz Webinar

Do you know what neighboring rights are? Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or you’re an up and coming artist, comparatively few artists and managers know and/or understand what neighboring rights are, how to claim and collect them, and what they need to do to maximize these earnings. IAFAR, or the Independent Alliance for Artist Rights, is a new organization specifically formed to tackle issues across this income stream and our first port of call is to ensure that those who can earn neighboring rights money, understand how and when that is possible. This webinar — presented by IAFAR Board members Naomi Asher (Sony/ATV), Stacey Haber (The Music Firm), Shari Hoffman (Transparence Entertainment Group), Josh Graubart (Graubart Law) and Ann Tausis (Kobalt NR) — will dive head first into what neighboring rights (aka equitable remuneration) are, as well as dispelling myths and addressing income stream wide issues.

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