IAFAR Benefits

Access to information, resources, webinars, and educational panels.

One on one access to members of IAFAR and their specialties- international societies, the intricacies of registrations, legal and the music biz in general. In addition, we keep up to date with all NR legislation and litigation- of which there has been quite a bit lately, especially in Europe, and have working groups studying the effects (imminent, current, and potential) of such
legislation and litigation.

IAFAR membership allows you to have a ‘place at the table’. We also encourage members to join some of our committees and get active in working to change this income stream for the better.

What do you get when you’re a member?

Resources such as access to past webinars and FAQ’s

Advice and suggestions from within our IAFAR community

Active members who want to be on our committees will be at the forefront of change and advance in this income stream.

Quarterly newsletter

Priority for webinars and education partnerships

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