Safe In Sound

If you have performed on a recording in any way making an ‘audible contribution’ you are due a royalty payment..

The Safe In Sound series is a collection of short videos from professional musicians, in their own words telling you why YOU must collect this income and set yourself up properly! This income stream is called neighbouring rights and in the UK, for example, this means your PPL. Whether you take the time to do the paperwork yourself and register your performances on recordings (or additionally the recordings themselves if you’re the rightsholder), or by appointing a representative to handle it on your behalf. It’s your money.

Dennis Bovell - Safe in Sound IAFAR

Victor Indrizzo - Safe in Sound IAFAR

Winston Francis - Safe in Sound IAFAR

Trevor Lawrence - Safe in Sound IAFAR

Kelli-Leigh - Safe in Sound IAFAR

Ran Nir - Safe in Sound IAFAR

Steve Ferrone - Safe in Sound IAFAR

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