Belgium Adopts Remuneration Rights For Streaming

We're delighted to hear Belgium has adopted a non-waivable r

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IAFAR welcomes the news from Belgium that the digital remuneration right looks poised to become law.

IAFAR welcomes the news from Belgium that the digital remune

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Q&A Session

What inspired our board members to join IAFAR?

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Riding the Third Rails

Making the case at WIPO for performer streaming remuneration

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SENA paying American performers!

The first royalties to be paid out

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IAFAR supports Music Declares Emergency!

MDE are a group of music industry professionals and artists

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PayPerformers - Groundbreaking Open Letter by Performers Worldwide

Over 150 world renowned performers called on the UK gov

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Muzooka feature guest blog on IAFAR

Muzooka is a free platform for artists and their teams!

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AFM Sag Aftra Intellectual property fund has a large pot of money

AFM Sag Aftra have money to pay out!

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IAFAR Education

IAFAR is proud to announce the launch of new sister company

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Performer Ambassadors

Payperformers have this message for you…

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Estates and Equitable Remuneration

Death documents are never a fun topic.

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Equitable Remuneration and Streaming

All performers get a royalty?

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Canada & National Treatment

Get your claims in!

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IAFAR granted observer status at WIPO

Exciting news for IAFAR

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