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We are an organisation that protects and advocates for those of us in neighbouring and related rights. Chances are, if you’re having a problem with a CMO (for example), the rest of us are too.



IAFAR was founded to tackle worldwide issues affecting the collection of artists neighbouring rights. Our aim is to collaborate with CMO’s and other interested parties to ensure the collection of these rights are as efficient and streamlined as they can be and that all performers receive the income they are rightfully entitled to.

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Many people do not know what neighbouring rights are and therefore also do not know what their rights are in this area. As IAFAR grows, it will provide workshops and literature to help educate and de-mystify this part of the music industry.

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Providing a community to support, debate and foster this new way of thinking will be beneficial to all members. A common love of beverages also brings us together.

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Control, Collaboration, and leading industry initiatives


  • This organization was formed because we all face the same issues. There is power in numbers. If you’re unable to do your job because of something beyond your control, that can make you feel powerless. Our goal is to restore that power to the people who should have control in the first place – those contributing to the recordings.
  • Meet others who are doing the same thing that you are. We might be competitors, but ultimately, we all have the same goals.
  • Easy sign up and reasonable membership fees that go towards expenses only. This organization is not making a profit. We are making a difference.


IAFAR Launch features in Music Digital Magazine

We are featured on page 35 of the magazine!

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3 weeks ago
We have limited spaces left on our "How to PPL" initiative which will be held at @kobalt's offices. Please sign up below to register: https://t.co/vbWmtXrhNL https://t.co/T1dHRQHoWL IAFAR_UK photo


February 6th, 2019

How To Maximise Your Performance Royalty Income

IAFAR will be hosting its first seminar at Kobalt’s offices on Wednesday 6th February 2019.

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